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Information for Professional Examinations
The Australian Rock 'n' Roll Dancesport Council Inc (ARRDC), a member of the Sports Industry of Australia and recognised by the Australian Dancing Board (ADB). As the only recognised body for Rock'n'Roll in Australia we present the following Syllabus for Professional Examinations.

Professional Rock 'n'Roll Syllabus Examinations must be taken in the following order:

  • AFFILIATES Time limit 35 minutes (Including demonstration)
  • ASSOCIATES Time limit 1 hour (Including demonstration)
  • LICENTIATES Time limit 1 1/2 hours (Including demonstration)
  • FELLOWS Time limit 1 1/2 hours (Including demonstration)
Examinations will consist of Practical and Theory that may include a written examination. You must attain an Associates in a minimum of two styles to vote at an Annual General Meeting on general issues. On issues relating to styles of dance, you may only vote in the style you have studied in and attained a minimum Associate level.

Eligibility to sit for the above qualifications is as follows:

  1. Unqualified member- no constraints regarding teaching experience. Cost:$30 p.a. Unable to advertise unless the word "Unqualified" is used.
  2. Affifiate- minimum of 25 hours practical teaching experience and 2 hours per week teaching 2 separate lessons (independent lessons). Must be registered with the ARRDC and have taught for a minimum of 3 months.
  3. Associate- minimum 50 hours practical teaching and 5 hours per week teaching 4 independent lessons. Must have taught for and be registered with the ARRDC for minimum of 6 months after passing the Affiliate examination.
  4. Licentiate- minimum 100 hours practical teaching, and 7 hours per week teaching 5 separate lessons. Must have taught for 2 years and be registered with the ARRDC for 1 year after passing the Associate level.
  5. Fellow- minimum 200 hours practical teaching and 8 hours per week teaching 5 separate lessons. Must have taught for 4 years and be registered with the ARRDC for 2 years after passing the Licentiate exam.

You may take examinations separately in the following categories:

  1. 50s Rock 'n'Roll- basic actions being Pressure Step, Tap Step, Step Tap or Rock Step
  2. Slow Swing- basic actions including 4-Beat, Triple Step, Harlem Swing and West Coast Swing with linear movements
  3. Jitterbug- basic actions include Jitterbug, Boogie & Lindy Hop
  4. Rockabilly- basic actions are restricted to one (1) bar construction and includes basic hand holds
  5. Continental- basic actions include 9-Step and Jive (using a 9 count and a kick or flick ball change)
  6. Liftwork- using any of the above basic footwork actions, this section must include entries and exits to and from lifts or combinations
  7. Cabaret- using entries, exits and a minimum of three (3) tempo changes in a routine which has a storyline or theme or may be a comedy. Length of cabaret: minimum 2 1/2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes.

Professional Examinations - Requirements are as follows:

Two Part Examination-
  1. Practical examinations
  2. Theory- oral and/or written

Practical Demonstration
Candidates will be required to dance a selection of specified figures for their level and grade to music with a partner using any basic action or combination taken from the section of Basic Systems or Styles they have chosen.

A selection of the specified figures listed along with variations of your own choice should be included.

Candidates will be required to dance solo to music, an amalgamation of specified figures for their grade and style. The examiner will choose the amalgamations.

Man and lady may also be requested to dance as opposite.

Theory - Oral Examination (if necessary, some written answers may be asked for)Candidates at all levels are required to demonstrate solo as lady and man and be able to teach Rock 'n'Roll Basic Systems for their chosen style or styles.

Describe and demonstrate the specified holds, body positions, compound steps. Explain an apply to the Syllabus Figures the following principles:

(1) Time (2) Rhythm (3) Tempo (4) Accents (5) Counting in beats and bars. Candidates will be expected to describe and demonstrate the following:

Footwork Leg Actions and all leads ie push spin, underarm turn etc. Able to understand precedes (entries) and follows (exits). From Associates levels and above, basic choreography will be required.

It is intended that all systems and techniques of Rock h'Roll will be accepted providing that such systems are musically and visually acceptable in their category within the Rock 'n'Roll umbrella.

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